Rashin D'Angelo on June 5th, 2009

Image by *lynne* via Flickr Having gone through a recent divorce, the idea of marriage, or more the failure of mine, has been a constant on my mind. I have spent many days and sleepless nights overanalyzing my projections, relationship style, childhood drama, etc., etc.  After diagnosing myself with a few different personality disorders, I […]

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Rashin D'Angelo on May 12th, 2009

Over the last decade, with the growing popularity of social media platforms such as Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter, we have experienced a shift in human connection. The social need for real community, once fulfilled by tribes and villages, is now being partly replaced by online communities. Social networking sites have become the new institutions for […]

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Rashin D'Angelo on May 1st, 2009

Image by PaperNest via Flickr As part of my training for the past year, I have been using play therapy as a modality in working with traumatized young children. Play is to children as talk is to adults; the natural way they communicate and resolve difficulties. The Association for Play Therapy (ATP) has defined play […]

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Rashin D'Angelo on March 31st, 2009

The transcendent function is the psyche’s way to bring the consciousness and the unconscious into a dialogue with each other towards individuation and psychological growth. Carl Jung believed that we each have this function, which yearns to evolve and transcend. This is an archetypal process, which mediates opposites and enables the transition from one attitude […]

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Rashin D'Angelo on March 20th, 2009

One of the distinct features of depth psychology, as compared to more behavioral approaches to therapy, is the time we (therapist and client) spend in the dark corners of the psyche. By that I mean looking at our shadows and undesirable characteristics within, so that we bring them to consciousness. Carl Jung referred to the […]

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Rashin D'Angelo on March 10th, 2009

How many of us are comfortable with silence? The silence from a partner, the waiting period before a response, the quiet of solitude? Do you wait anxiously by the phone, hoping to hear from a loved one, a job interview, or upon meeting a new client? Are we honestly okay with the “not hearing back” […]

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Rashin D'Angelo on March 4th, 2009

Image via Wikipedia The feminine is not woman, but a way of being. It is individualized instinct, feeling, intuition, and emotion. It’s irrational, unexplainable by scientific data, and unwilling to be measured. A quality of the human consciousness, an implicit part of the Universe, it manifests in symptoms, synchronicities, dreams, symbols and instinctual feelings. The […]

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Rashin D'Angelo on February 25th, 2009

In today’s climate of uncertainty, it is normal to feel unstable about our jobs, kids, the education system, credit scores, global warming, stimulus plan… the list continues. I believe that as our lives get busier, our tendency to “worry” increases.  Excessive worry can lead to an inability to function in daily life. Similar to terms […]

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Rashin D'Angelo on February 18th, 2009

Image via Wikipedia In a recent conversation with a friend, I was asked if I was happy. This was a simple question; one that friends often ask, one that we may ask ourselves from time to time. But as a student of depth psychology, there are no simple questions. All of life experiences, whether effortless […]

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Rashin D'Angelo on February 9th, 2009

Image via Wikipedia I have recently come to ask myself whether our wounds really heal. As a student of depth psychology, the learning is never ending. The layers of the psyche are complex, not only on an individual but a collective level. How do I differentiate my wounds from my partner’s? What belongs to my […]

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